Coaching and Staff


Morgan Whitelaw

Morgan is senior at Sonoma who is excited to grow esports at Sonoma. He has been following esports since he was in elementary school, and has been a part of esports at Sonoma since his freshman year. His goal is to make SSU Esports as large and active a community possible, and to work in esports growing communities after he graduates.


John Cuneo

John Cuneo is an avid gamer who loves to mentor people, helping them reach their next level. His favorite genre is open-world RPG (aka Skyrim and The Witcher), and he also loves Smash Bros and Borderlands. Most nostalgic games? Ocarina of Time and Pokemon Sapphire! John graduated from the University of Miami in 2017 majoring in Business Technology & Management Science, where he placed 2nd in the campus SportsFest Smash Bros tournament. Outside of gaming, John works as a Systems Engineer for Cisco (the official networking partner of League of Legends), acting as a pre-sales technical consultant for fortune 500 customers. He also loves to cook and read business books.

Jonathon McPhillip

Jonathon McPhillip has been playing video games ever since he was able to hold a controller. He has always seen the competitive side of every game and truly believes that gaming and Esports has potential to be a mainstream entertainment outlet. He was rated over 2400 in World of Warcraft Arena(top 1%), and placed top 64 in a few tournaments. His current favorite game is League of Legends where he is rated Plat 3(top 5%) and has been playing since season 1. He follows the professional scene very closely and has a very deep understanding of the game. He has also played in a few SSB tournaments and has placed top 64 and top 32 in multiple tournaments.